Carbon Fiber on DELTA FORCE

Lower weight gives a more stable boom
Carbon-fiber helps the boom in many areas, primarily due to the low weight and the stiffness of the material which is one of its most distinguished strengths. The lower weight means that the center part gets fewer forces to control when the boom must be precisely controlled above the crop on rough ground. It is not much use to have a low weight, if there are an increased number of boom movements to be “tamed” in the anti-yaw damper and the center part; this will give a deteriorated spraying result.

Innovation and experience
2 years ago, HARDI started to research in carbon-fiber as material in the sprayers. There are many possibilities for using the material; for example tanks, suspensions, boom parts etc. We, of course, must consider the manufacturing costs, and the carbon-fiber must be part of the product where the low weight and the strength will be most advantageous. The breakaway in the carbon-fiber for DELTA FORCE 39 m is first step in using this new material.

HARDI’s carbon-fiber element is designed as a three-dimensional structure where both forward and backward well as vertical movements are most minimal. Carbon-fiber has a built-in dampening which is 12 times bigger than for instance steel – carbon-fiber can be described as a very “dead” material without practically “natural oscillation”. The carbon-fiber boom parts are woven and hereafter “baked” in the environment with vacuum. There will thus be no air bubbles in the construction, and the strength and weight ratio is uniquely high. The weight is approx. 4 times lower than aluminum, and the strength is considerably higher. The carbon-fiber element itself needs practically no maintenance. If the breakaway kit will be damaged, a repair kit is available, and the repair can take place locally.